your experience - choosing a practitioner
There are thousands of fantastic healing arts professionals and it's really just a matter of finding one with whom you resonate.

Bodywork is an experience based on trust. Professionalism is imperative, as is client education. When interviewing and evaluating practitioners, I encourage you to consider the following questions:

What are your goals?

What do you expect of the session? Of the practitioner?

What is the philosophy of the practitioner?

What types of training has the practitioner undertaken?

How many sessions does the practitioner usually do per day?

What are the policies pertaining to scheduling, cancellation and payment?

after your session
Once you’ve had your session, it can be helpful to take a moment to evaluate the experience. (The following excerpt is from "Discovering The Body's Wisdom" by Mirka Knaster)

“Were you comfortable talking about yourself?

Did you find the person was attuned to you, genuinely engaged, and interested in you? Was he distracted, running to the phone during your session?

Did you feel her sincere concern? Were you just another client to be dealt with and quickly ushered in and out?

Did he treat you with courtesy and respect? Was he patronizing and condescending?

Did you feel heard? Did the therapist disregard what you said and do what she wanted to? Was she sensitive to your body and pace, rather than imposing an agenda, or did she expect you to match hers instead?...

Only you know whom you feel compatible and comfortable with, so it helps to be clear about your likes and dislikes. Based on your encounter, think about what you prefer.”
- Knaster, Mirka. 1996. Discovering the Body’s Wisdom. New York: Bantam Books

These are just some suggestions of things to consider. I'm happy to further discuss these or any other thoughts you may have.