so now what?
Here are some important things to think about when working with a practitioner and evaluating your working relationship with him/her. This excerpt is from "Discovering The Body's Wisdom" by Mirka Knaster.

Evaluating Your Experience (p. 84)
Once you've gone through the process of finding a bodyways practitioner and had your session, take a few minutes to reflect on the experience. Some of these questions may sound simplistic, even silly, but... even small details can loom large.
- Were you comfortable talking about yourself?
-Did you find the person was attuned to you, genuinely engaged, and interested in you? Was he distracted, running to the phone during your session?
-Did you feel her sincere concern? Were you just another client to be dealt with and quickly ushered in and out?
-Did he treat you with courtesy and respect? Was he patronizing and condescending?
-Did you feel heard? Did the therapist disregard what you said and do what she wanted to? Was she sensitive to your body and pace, rather than imposing an agenda, or did she expect you to match hers instead?...

Only you know whom you feel compatible and comfortable with, so it helps to be clear about your likes and dislikes. Based on your encounter, think about what you prefer.

Here are some possibilities:
-Someone who goes about her work quietly, keeps chatter to a minimum, engages you in dialogue, or runs a monologue the whole time? For my friend Bill, silence is best. "It's a nonconversational experience," he says. "The communication is in the touching."
-Someone who is friendly, yet businesslike, or completely informal...
-Someone who has a sense of humor, who tends to be exclusively serious, or able to be purposeful yet light?
-Someone who is more parental and authoritative, or someone who is more of a peer, exploring with you instead of having all the answers?..."

These are just some suggestions of things to consider:) I'm happy to further discuss these or any other thoughts you may have.