how can my practice serve you?
How do we process experiences?
How can an experience ambush my body and spirit?
How do you recover from the creative process? From every day life?

These were the very questions I discovered while in art school and that motivated me to research healing and recovery. After executing art events, I was left drained and confused. I became intrigued with the complexity of our bodies and the energetic and physiological actions that naturally happen within us.

I soon realized that everything is delicately and intricately connected. There is no differentiation between body/mind/spirit.

My practice may be helpful in ways you haven't considered before when thinking about massage!

as an art experience
Most people have never thought of massage as being an art experience. To me, it is. My development at the Museum School heavily informs both my art and bodywork practices. Just like art, bodywork can support your self discovery while being fun, beautiful, mysterious and rejuvenating.

Here are just a smattering of similarities between art and bodywork:
integration of mind, heart and spirit
non judgment
sacred space

self empowerment through voice
Are you curious about the stories are being held in your body? What history is being repeated in your every day life and how is it affecting your happiness and wellbeing?

Often times when our bodies do not do what we want them to do, we feel betrayed. If you've undergone a type of medical intervention like fertility treatment or surgery, even physical therapy, you may feel distanced from your own body. I invite you to reconnect with your self through relaxation and allow yourself the opportunity to give voice to the wonder, hurt, joy, confusion or anything else that may surface. Reclaim your voice, reclaim your wellbeing.

Also, simply speaking up to get your needs met or questions answered is an important skill and I encourage clients to exercise that skill if something (or twenty!) isn't working for them during the session. This can be especially helpful for kids! I encourage my prenatal clients to use our time together to practice verbalizing their needs, concerns or questions in preparation for labor.

a sacred space
I love my office. I love my room. I love my work. It is a sacred space for me and I invest much time and energy in keeping it a loving, creative, supportive and fun space for everyone.

If you feel like talking - great. If you feel like being quiet and savor the silence - great. It's completely up to you. You may even not feel like being touched at all - no problem! This is the space for you to honor your self. You're welcomed to bring your own music, sacred object or anything else that will help you have a sense of partnership in the room.

bonding with your loved one
Massage is such a powerful means of connecting with a loved one whether s/he is a baby or a romantic partner. I love sharing what I know and helping couples and families develop more ways to be fully present for one another.

changing your healthcare paradigm
I love coordinating my sessions with other practitioners. This is especially important for those utilizing fertility treatments. By working with your acupuncturist or other healthcare provider, we can help make sure that there is no discrepancy or gap in your care. I work closely with Kim Foster, Licensed Acupuncturist and Padma Ali, LMFT as well as number of other wellness practitioners and birth professionals.

Please feel free to contact me with questions and comments!