integrative bodywork
Integrative bodywork is different from a typical massage because we combine constructive dialog to help you deepen your understanding of your body, mind, spirit connection with hands-on bodywork and energywork.

I use the term "bodywork" because I use both Western and Eastern techniques including Swedish, Craniosacral Therapy, stretching, Shiatsu, breath awareness, Trigger Point Therapy, energywork and neuromuscular therapy. The pace is unrushed, fluid and includes times of non-movement to allow your body to process.

Bringing a voice to areas of your body is an important part of being in your body. "What area feels like it needs more attention?" "If your neck could speak, what would it say?" We may also use guided visualization to aid in dropping into your body.

The session will be based on your goals and interests and may include a combination of (as applicable):

deep tissue
Great for injury prevention and recovery. By slowly and actively sinking into the area, we give your body time to respond and release. We may use a variety of positions and neuromuscular techniques to address your goals.

A flowing somatic reconnection of your mind, body and spirit. Focus is on general wellness, decreasing stress and increasing self awareness. Pressure level is gentle to firm.

For the mom-to-be, prenatal massage is one of the best things you can do for you and your baby. Decreasing stress, increasing range of motion can ease your transition. This is also very supportive of moms going through assisted reproductive therapies. All moms, please check with your doctor prior to scheduling to a massage. Please note, prenatal is only available for an hour session length.

discovery summary
This is all about the change that happens between our sessions. Using what we discover during the session, we work together to develop a realistic action plan based on supporting your personal development and wellness. You'll leave with a folder of material prepared and ready to implement your self-designed changes!

Afterwards, I will email you your own Discovery Summary of our session including "What We Discussed," "What We Discovered" and "Commitment." This is a collaborative process.

pediatric massage
Pediatric massage therapy and instruction in infant massage are also available. Please contact me for more information.

"I've been going to [Moore Massage] all through my pregnancy for prenatal massages and let me just say that Rebecca is just awesome! I usually schedule my appointments on the weekends and she's very accommodating, not to mention really good at what she does!... I have tried other high-end spas for prenatal massage but I keep coming back... I highly recommend it to all mums-to be!" - Dharshana, Boston, MA

"I had a 60 minute fully body massage two days ago with Rebecca and I'm still relaxed... I seriously cannot say enough good things about her..." - Roxanne, Boston, MA